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Magic Earphones Kleaner

Magic Earphones Kleaner

Magic Earphones Kleaner

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Do you still, use your dirty Earphones? Your ears have plenty of naturally occurring oils that get on your earbuds which will then attract other lint and debris.
80% of most audio problems begin by not properly cleaning out the speakers

The best solution to keep your Earphones clean is Magic Earphones Kleaner

Magic Earphones Kleaner has a two-sided device with three tools built-in.

One side is a long microfiber pipe cleaner-like end. It's soft, and dirt clings to it, similar to a duster

 A pen-like tip made from aluminium that allows you to pick out stubborn buildups of gunk anywhere on your earbuds, even in hard-to-reach places


For the earbuds, we use the metal tip around the interior edge of the silicone ear tip to get dirtiness off the sides. If the grille looks like it is dirty, you can use the metal tip to gently rub against the mesh to carefully dislodge any debris

You can use the small brush to get any remaining dirt from the end of the earbud. Soft but powerful enough to clean up dust without damaging earphones

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